Treatment and prevention of dyslipidemias, obesity, metabolic syndrome

– Hippocrates (460-370 A.C.)

After more than 2000 years, the Scientific Community has widely recognized the central role of gut microbiota on people’s health. An altered microbiota can affect various organs and functions (skin, CNS, metabolism, immunity) and some probiotics can balance and modulate it with positive effects.

On this basis, Cerbios-Pharma SA developed and tested some finished formulations where its own proprietary probiotic strain Enterocooccus lactis SF68® (formerly Enterococcus faecium SF68®) is mixed with other innovative functional ingredients, carefully selected by our R&D Department. Their synergic effect brings to a multilevel management of different conditions.


Patients suffering from dyslipidemia as well as overweight or obese people have often also an altered gut microbiota: this leads to the development of a chronic inflammation status. Probiotics can be functional on management and prevention of these syndromes through different mechanisms (deconjugation of bile salts, SCFA production, strengthening of intestinal walls). Phytosterols are widely used to reduce blood levels of cholesterol. Folic acid (here as L-Methylfolate, the biological active form) reduces high levels of homocysteine (hyperomocysteinemia), considered one of main cardiovascular risk factor.

Product: E. lactis SF68®, Phytosterols, L- Methylfolate.

Presentation: 20 or 30 oro-dispersible sachets.

Scientific evidence: Preclinical evidence demonstrating efficacy on weight loss, dyslipidemia and chronic inflammation markers. Clinical trial on going (2023) vs placebo. Patent pending.

Status: Food Supplement in EU (with a full Technical Dossier).

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