Active in the development and manufacturing of Probiotics and Living Microorganisms since 1976, Cerbios is considered a leading manufacturer of this class of products for pharmaceutical, food and feed applications worldwide.

With more than 40 years of experience, CERBIOS high quality standard and specific expertise in the manufacturing of probiotics has been widely recognized.

CERBIOS is actively developing and manufacturing own proprietary Products as well as offering its services for the contract manufacturing of its clients’ Live Microorganisms.

Starting from the selection of raw materials up the cGMP finished product, Cerbios is available to support its customer in terms of technical expertise, operational flexibility and work experience.

Competencies Living Microorganisms - Cerbios-Pharma SA


Competencies Living Microorganisms - Cerbios-Pharma SA

Besides its own pharmaceutical products based on the SF68® proprietary strain, CERBIOS manufactures pharmaceutical Probiotic active ingredients as contract manufacturer on an exclusive basis for established global as well as emerging companies.

All probiotics are manufactured in our facilities in Barbengo/Lugano and supplied in different forms, both as active Ingredients or Finished dosage form (capsules)

Our know-how includes: 

  1. Fermentation
  2. Drying
  3. Stabilisation
  4. Drug Product formulation (hard gelatine capsules) 
  5. Labeling and packaging.

CERBIOS provides a ”full service package” from the selection of raw materials up to manufacturing, quality control and release.


Cerbios’ competence in fermentation related technologies has allowed, for the first time, the application of metabolically active lactic acid bacteria as probiotic feed additives in pelleted feed

Counting on decades of experience in development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical probiotics, Cerbios has expanded its competence in the manufacturing of feed additives for animal health. Nowadays, probiotics in animal nutrition are considered a modern and natural solution to improve the zoo technical performances, as well as health and welfare of farm animals, considering also the concern about antibiotics as growth promoters.

Stabilized feed additives can guarantee the delivery of adequate amounts of living lactic acid bacteria in the upper part of the intestine and its microbial balance.

Different formulations available meet the requirements of the modern feed industry for use in premixtures, milk replacers, water, mash feed and pelleted feed.


Deep know-how and expertise in the microencapsulation of live microorganisms.

Starting in 1976 Cerbios also developed a probiotic feed additive product line.

In modern feed production, the probiotic feed additive has to withstand the harsh pelleting conditions which are applied in order to reduce the microbial load of potential pathogens. Cerbios has developed a microencapsulation process which protects the probiotic microorganisms effectively. 

This technology allowed, for the first time, the application of metabolically active lactic acid bacteria as probiotic feed additives in pelleted feed.

Besides producing its own microencapsulated products, Cerbios offers its customers its experience and competence in this field in order to find custom-made solutions for the stabilization of microorganisms. 

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