People & Culture

Cerbios is a scientific Company with experience in the production of API and CDMO, which sets out to find increasingly effective solutions, thereby bringing about major changes and improvements in the global state of health.

All of this is possible thanks to the successful formula behind our corporate culture: a talented team, at all levels, working together with a single goal: commitment to high quality standards and continuous innovation.

We care about our employees, their well-being and personal satisfaction, and we value each person’s talent and career ambitions. People are our assets; we invest in their professional growth and develop their skills and professional contributions in compliance with Company Values. Training and awareness of our personnel is crucial to achieving high quality standards.

Cerbios aims to be a workplace where people can feel involved and free to share their know-how:

  • We encourage openness and transparency.
  • We foster curiosity, innovation and invite employees to be a continuous inspiration to one another by working as a team and sharing the team spirit in pursuit of a single goal.
  • We are committed to ensuring a sustainable and long-lasting work-life balance for our employees.

Our goal is to improve the work environment for our employees by providing a safe and healthy workplace, reducing risk, preventing disease and fostering their physical and psychological well-being.


We work in science but there’s more. The work-life balance is one of our priorities. For Cerbios-Pharma SA, reconciling work and family has always been very important.

For this reason, with the support of Pro Familia Schweiz | Suisse | Svizzera, we have joined the FamilyScore survey. We are pleased to announce the successful results of this internal survey, thanks to which we have obtained the certification “Pro-Familia – Family Friendly Organization“.


Simple Values create a team of great value. Let’s make them stronger together.

We promote a work environment where staff are encouraged to put into practice high ethical standards and integrity and to share the company’s commitment to excellence in quality. Cerbios has worked on its historical values, those that are part of its DNA and have always guided its choices, and has created a charter of values aimed at formalizing, explaining and making these values comprehensible to everyone, so as to create our own identity and look to the future by continuing our success story. The Cerbios Charter of Values encapsulates not only the company’s four core values, but also the principles on which they are based and is intended to guide and inspire the company’s strategic choices and the daily activities of all those who work and collaborate with the company.

Learn more about each of them: Responsibility, Quality, Reliability, Collaboration

Working in Cerbios: join our team!

The selection process at Cerbios also always takes into account our shared philosophy and culture.

  • We take into consideration not only the specific technical skills of candidates but also broadly consider their personal soft skills.
  • We look at how teams are balanced, essential for maintaining a healthy and happy overall organization.
  • We recruit people with the right set of values who demonstrate during the selection process that they share the company’s goals and philosophy.

Do you share our values and our philosophy and want to work with us? Apply for our vacant positions in the dedicated section on this website.

If your profile matches the requirements of the job you applied for, we will contact you and start the selection process. If you have not found any job vacancies matching your skills and abilities, you can still upload your CV to the platform by submitting an unsolicited application. Our HR team will read it and evaluate it for future positions suitable for you!  If you are a young person seeking vocational training, please visit the SCHOLARSHIP section and find out what opportunities are out there for you!

Are you nearing the end of your graduate or post-graduate degree and need to work on your thesis or are you looking for your first work experience? THE INTERNSHIP IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!



Cerbios is aware of the importance of giving young people the opportunity to join the world of work for the first time while providing itself and its professional sector with a pool of new recruits trained and professionalized in the field. Training young people means transmitting to them the know-how, that set of knowledge and skills necessary to practice a profession, alternating practical and theoretical training but also the soft skills that are increasingly essential to enable them to grow and achieve, over time, the professional goals they aspire to and to bring added value to the sector.

That is why Cerbios offers young people the opportunity for paid in-company apprenticeships in the field:

  • State-certified laboratory technician in chemistry (with or without vocational qualification)
  • State-certified laboratory technician in biology (with or without vocational qualification)
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry technologist (with or without vocational qualification)
  • Logistics employee (state-certified), logistics branch
  • Computer scientist

If you would like to become an apprentice at Cerbios check out the list of vacant positions here Apprenticeship position search – For further information on educational pathways you can visit the school guidance website at the following link  Looking for a profession –


Cerbios, in collaboration with Swiss and Italian universities, offers undergraduates and newly graduated students the opportunity to do a targeted course lasting a few months, to help them draft their final thesis. You can also take advantage of this pathway if you are looking for a first opportunity to enter the world of work. You will have the opportunity to experience the company, flanked by professionals who will tutor you throughout the duration of the project and help you gain initial professional experience, consolidating in practice what you learned during your studies.

To apply, contact the switchboard at +41 91 985 63 11 or send an unsolicited application on our portal.