Our company is  constantly  committed to meeting the requirements and expectations of our partners, supplying high-quality products that are produced, packaged analyzed and delivered in accordance with all applicable regulations and sound scientific principles.

Our policy is based on seven key values:

  • Product safety
    The safety of our products is paramount. We maintain stringent quality standards in all our activities.
  • Quality Systems
    We are constantly working to improve and integrate our systems in order to identify, measure, monitor and maintain the excellence of our product quality. 
  • Continuous Improvement
    It is our commitment to make constant improvements to our processes by applying the highest quality standards implementing the QbD approach.
  • Communication
    Open and constructive communication within our organization and with our partners is part of Cerbios’ values
  • Training and awareness
    Continuous training and awareness of our personnel is fundamental to achieving high quality standards.
  • Quality Orientation
    We are committed to promoting a working environment where our staff are encouraged to put into practice behavior meeting high ethical standards and integrity, and to sharing the company’s commitment to excellence in quality.
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