LUGANO, Switzerland • The Proveo offer of a “one-stop-shop” for Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) development, manufacturing and delivery is now restructured as a fully integrated business division of Cerbios-Pharma SA. The restructuring ensures that the service can meet the complex supply chain and program management requirements for successful ADC Drug Product manufacturing, allowing it to provide a full ‘end-to-end’  services encompassing development and manufacturing of all ADC components, from payload and mAb to conjugation and Fill & Finish under one single organization.

Distinct capabilities
Development and manufacturing of ADCs require numerous distinct CDMOs handling activities related to Highly Potent cytotoxic payloads, cell line development, protein production, bio-conjugation, and Fill & Finish. Handling of these activities require enormous efforts by the project sponsor in handling logistics, project management and quality aspects at different sites. The newly created Cerbios Proveo division will continue to provide an integrated Alliance solution for ADC manufacturing that combines three world class players in HPAPI and conjugation (Cerbios-Pharma), monoclonal antibody (AGC Biologics) and Fill & Finish (Oncotec Pharma Produktion) under the same structure.

Customer advantages
The new Proveo Division will provide a single point of contact service platform to simplify the process for clients, and will also provide a complete CMC and regulatory service for registration of new products. Customer advantages for the new structure include:

  • Single contractual partner;
  • Incorporated logistics between partner facilities;
  • Fully Integrated Project Management system;
  • Unified Quality Agreement and Quality Management

End-user benefits
For end-users, the restructured service will also deliver:

  • Reduced commercial / legal efforts
  • Faster time-to-project
  • Unified reporting system
  • Standardized Quality Agreement
  • Minimized risks and efforts for customer
  • Single point of contact
  • High level Quality standards

In all these ways, Proveo will continue to provide an enhanced and even more seamless approach to the development and manufacture of ADC combining the strengths and expertise of industry leaders into one integrated end-to-end solution.

Proveo at World ADC Digital
PROVEO has now become a partner in its own right of Hanson Wade-organised World ADC events and the restructured service is being presented to the World ADC San Diego Digital Edition in October 2021, with its own virtual exhibition booth at the event. Proveo is also contributing to the event agenda with a presentation on ‘PROVEO: integrated solution for ADC manufacturing’, delivered by Business Development Manager, Dr. Vitor Sousa, who shows how the Division offer includes a tailored service platform with clear and flexible contractual framework, delivering a simplified supply chain from source materials to downstream processing (DS & DP).