Cernivet® is a registered trademark for Cerbios’ product line of probiotic feed additives based on its proprietary active ingredient E. faecium SF68®.

The probiotic feed additive Cernivet® LBC ME10 is a microencapsulated form used for the stabilization of intestinal microflora which can withstand the pelleting process with a total energy input of up to 35 kWh/ton. Based on the probiotic active ingredient E. faecium SF68® (strain deposit E. faecium NCIMB 10415), it is registered in the EU for use with calves, chickens for fattening and swine and is suitable for all types of feeding stuffs.


Stabilization of intestinal microflora.



Not less than 10 x 109 cfu/g.


Free-flowing granulate, white to light yellow.


SF68® and Cernivet® are registered trademarks owned by Cerbios-Pharma SA.

The strain deposit of Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 in the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria in Aberdeen, Scotland, belongs to Cerbios-Pharma SA.


24 months at 2 – 8 °C, sealed in the original container.


Cernivet® LBC ME10 is registered in the EU for the use with:

  • calves 
  • chickens for fattening
  • sows 
  • piglets 
  • pigs for fattening
Cernivet - Cerbios-Pharma SA

Other information

Cernivet® LBC ME10 can withstand the pelleting processes with a total energy input up to 35 kWh/ton. This product is suitable for the use in all types of feeding stuffs. This additive may be used via water for drinking. Cernivet® LBC ME10 is available in 10 kg and 25 kg packs.